Bible verse of the day Habakkuk 2 verse 15 Alcohol misuse

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Habakkuk 2 verse 15

New American Standard 1977

Woe to you who make your neighbors drink,
Who mix in your venom even to make them drunk
So as to look on their nakedness!

Habakuk 2 vers 15

Ou Afrikaanse vertaaling 1953

Wee hom wat aan sy naaste drank gee, wat jou gif daarmee meng, en hulle ook dronk maak om hulle naaktheid te aanskou.

Bible teaching

Giving ONE [1] drink to: who is in want, who is thirsty and poor, or a weary traveler, or ready to perish, is charity
To give a drink to someone: so that they may expose themself, have sex with you, may disclose secret concerns, or be drawn into a bad bargain, or for any such purpose, this is wickedness. To be guilty of this is sin, to take pleasure in it is sin.

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Alcohol misuse

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