The book of Enoch #FSBT Fear the Lord of the Most High

the book of enoch

The book of Enoch
Faith Saturday Bible Translation #FSBT

Bible verse for the day the way of Thy judgments

Chapter 100
1. Attentively consider heaven, all you progeny of heaven, and all the works of the Most High; fear him, do not conduct yourselves criminally before him.
2. If He shut up the windows of heaven, restraining the rain and dew that it may not descend upon the earth on your account what will you do?
3. And if He send his wrath upon you, and upon all your deeds, you are not they who can supplicate him; you who utter against his righteousness, language proud and powerful. To you there shall be no peace.
4. Do you not see the commanders of ships, how their vessels are tossed about by the waves, torn to pieces by the winds, and exposed to the greatest peril?
5. That they therefore fear, because their whole property is embarked with them on the ocean; and that they forebode evil in their hearts, because it may swallow them up, and they may perish in it?
6. Is not the whole sea, all its waters, and all its commotion, the work of him, the Most High; of him who has sealed up all its exertions, and girded it on every side with sand?
7. Is it not at his rebuke dried up, and alarmed; while all its fish with everything contained in it die? And will not you, sinners, who are on earth, fear him? Is not He the maker of heaven and earth, and of all things which are in them?
8. And who has given erudition and wisdom to all that move progressive upon the earth, and over the sea?
9. Are not the commanders of ships terrified at the ocean? And shall not sinners be terrified at the Most High?

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