What could possibly happen before 2036

What could possibly happen before 2036
As we enter the ‘modern little ice age’ high food prices will collapse multiple economies worldwide.
Now to understand how some nations may miss use this event to maintain their wealth we look at Greece after the 2008 economic collapse.
The European union forced Greece to increase taxes to pay their debt, they also forced them to sell assets, like islands and objects of historical significant, and they were also force to cut social programs like, retirement funds, medical aid and other government payments to the public.
This crippled Greece and let to violet protests. The US war for independence, was triggered by high taxes imposed by Britain, the French revolution was trigger by an economic collapse, the current hardship in Venezuela, was triggered due to a collapse in the oil price and as a result a cut in social programs, Hitler came to power because of hyperinflation in Germany and the Germans were looking for a saviour.

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