Mini Ice Age Indie and the South Africa effect

Mini Ice Age Indie and the South Africa effect
Mini Ice Age onset
Even thou solar activity has already dropped and the current solar cycle was very weak there is a lot of energy still in the world oceans, the world oceans take about 58years to dissipate its energy. This extreme difference between available air energy and ocean irradiance can lead to extreme weather.
Making things worse is during low solar activity the earth’s atmosphere becomes more compact due to a lack of external energy, this adds more momentum to any moving air mass. The jets stream located in the upper atmosphere which drives the weather on the surface becomes more unstable and can dip closer to the equator allowing cold polar air to move into areas which had not experience cold polar air before.
The collapsing atmosphere also means that the zone in the upper atmosphere where the water vapor freezes at is closer to the earth’s surface, allowing more hail and snow formation at lower altitudes. The low solar activity also allows more galactic rays to enter the earth’s atmosphere, providing more particles in the earth’s atmosphere onto which water vapor can latch and condense into water.
The difference between the air energy levels and ocean energy levels can result in stronger winds due to the energy level difference. In nature everything always tries to form a universe equal level, no matter how small the difference, but in this case the deference is much larger then we see as ‘normal’.
El Niño, is the dominant factor during the onset of a mini ice age, leading to floods, and drought conditions at specific locations around the world. However, it’s the shorter term La Nina event that will cause the most destruction and dismay. Any onset of cooling during or after a El Nino event will lead to heavy precipitation, in the form of rain, hail, snow and ice. The El Nino event sucks the water into the atmosphere like a sponge, this builds up a very large inventory of water vapor in the atmosphere which will be released during any cooling event. Cooling itself also helps to create high pressure systems. Although high pressure systems are created by cold air, and can bring freezing temperatures, to an area, long lasting high pressure system which does not dissipates leads to dangerous and deadly heat waves, which can suck the area dry of all its water content.
Long lasting low solar activity ultimately leads to the so called ocean conveyor belt to be divided into two parts, which we will discuss in the South Africa climate change section, because this event occurs due to South Africa’s’ location on the world map. It is imported to notice that ocean levels and the placement of the landmass around the planet changes the climate we experience on earth, as does the aging sun, in other words which may hold truth today will not hold truth in the distant future, or distant past and on other alien worlds.
Like any other place in the world all of India will be affected by climate change, however it is northern India, central India and eastern India that will be affected the most. This it imported since these areas are where most of the 1.4 billion people food are produced.
As the mini ice age starts, drought and heat waves will be the biggest problem most of the time in central, north eastern and northern Indie, followed by floods and sever cold, the south and south west however, it will be less extreme. Because the weather has extreme shifts adapting to it will be very difficult, this can potentially lead to civil unrest and war, depending on how the population itself reacts to the problem. If Indie fails to import or produce enough healthy food, the immune response of the poor will decrease creating the potential for a deadly disease out brake or even out brakes.
The news are not all bad however, India unlike eastern Europe, North eastern North America and north western Asia, has supported large human populations for millions of years. This support during a mini ice age is mostly to the south but the number is much smaller than the current population level.
If solar activity continues to stay low or a cooling snowball effect is triggered, something incredible happens in India. The eastern ocean conveyor belt brings heat and water vapor to India, Pakistan, the middle-east and North Africa, creating the world’s biggest Savannah capable of supporting over 10 billion humans. Satellites had detected that during Ice Ages there are river system in North Africa, the middle-east, Pakistan and North western India which are not present during mini ice ages and global warming periods. This is made possible by the new ocean convey belt system which in the east is a lot warmer then today and in the Atlantic much colder then today.

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