Climate Change Jupiter and Saturn #Adapt2030

Climate Change Jupiter and Saturn #Adapt2030

Climate Change and Jupiter and Saturn

Milankovitch theory postulates that periodic variability of Earth’s orbital elements is one of the climate forcing mechanisms. Although controversial, ample geologic evidence supports the role of the Milankovitch cycles in climate, e.g. glacial-interglacial cycles. There are three Milankovitch orbital parameters: orbital eccentricity (main periodicities of ~100,000 and ~400,000 years), precession (quantified as the longitude of perihelion, main periodicities 19,000-24,000 years) and obliquity of the ecliptic (Earth’s axial tilt, main periodicity 41,000 years).
As you can see on the graph below, we are currently at the same orbit and ecliptic where ice ages have started from in the past.

ice age timing
ice age timing

The earth’s ecliptic plain changes due to Jupiter and Saturn pulling on earth each time earth pass their respective orbits. The closer the gas giants are to one another when earth passes the greater the effect on the earth’s orbit around the Sun.
This process takes a long time and as you can see on the graph below earth has slowly being dipping towards an ice age, over the last 8000yrs, with the exception of the last few years during which we have experienced warming. This however means that the this coming cooling period will not only be cold enough to erase the warm period we have just experience but cold enough to continue the downward trend.

long term cooling towards ice age trend
long term cooling towards ice age trend

Ironically not only do Jupiter and Saturn play a role in Ice Ages they also play a role in Mini Ice ages.
Jupiter and Saturn do not only pull on the earth they also pull on the sun, just like the moon causes tides on earth. This interaction affects solar activity. Low solar activity is associated with mini ice ages and higher solar activity leads to global warming like we have just had.
For a very short summary on this you can follow the link below:
Jupiter Saturn Sun

For the paper itself you can follow the link below:
Jupiter Saturn Sun

Climate Change and earths tilt

Now one has to ask if Jupiter and Saturn plays a role in the earths tilt. Many nations around the world observe sun rise and sun set very carefully, either for religious reasons or for survival reasons.
Many has reported that the sun do not rise and set at the same place anymore. This is true earths tilt is changing. The most common explanation is that the earths tilt changes over 41000years due to the way the earth orbits the sun, but this is not the only way earths tilt is changed.
Earth is always trying to balance itself, any change in weight distribution, will result in earthquakes, volcanic activity, and a change in the earths tilt.
The recent ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica due to geothermal activity changed the earths balance drastically. This lead to a change in the earths tilt, and as a result, multiple reports of the sun rising at the wrong location at the wrong time of the year.
For more on Antarctica ice melt you can follow the link below:
Antarctica ice melt

For more on Greenland ice melt you can follow this link below:
Greenland ice melt

For more on the earths tilt changing due to weight you can follow the link below
(Please note the writer of the article below clearly did not read the two articles linked above):
Climate Changing the tilt

To recap Jupiter and Saturn changes earth’s climate by affects the earth’s orbit around the sun, earth’s largest energy source, and by effecting the solar cycles. In return the changing climate leads to a new distribution of weight which leads to earthquakes, volcanic activity and changes in earth’s tilt.

Climate Change and Volcanoes, Geothermal activity and earthquakes

It is well documented that during low solar activity periods there is a raise in seismic activity, more geothermal activity, more earthquakes and yes more volcanic erupts. For more on this subject you can watch the video below:
Adapt 2030

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Climate Change Jupiter and Saturn #Adapt2030

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