What could possibly happen before 2036

What could possibly happen before 2036
As we enter the ‘modern little ice age’ high food prices will collapse multiple economies worldwide.
Now to understand how some nations may miss use this event to maintain their wealth we look at Greece after the 2008 economic collapse.
The European union forced Greece to increase taxes to pay their debt, they also forced them to sell assets, like islands and objects of historical significant, and they were also force to cut social programs like, retirement funds, medical aid and other government payments to the public.
This crippled Greece and let to violet protests. The US war for independence, was triggered by high taxes imposed by Britain, the French revolution was trigger by an economic collapse, the current hardship in Venezuela, was triggered due to a collapse in the oil price and as a result a cut in social programs, Hitler came to power because of hyperinflation in Germany and the Germans were looking for a saviour.

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Yale’s Two Climate Bombs

Yale’s Two Climate Bombs

Yale’s Two Climate Bombs

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January and February 2018 Earth Changes update

January and February 2018 Earth Changes and Climate Change update

January and February 2018 Earth Changes and Climate Change update

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Can climate change play a role in Siener van Rensburg prophecy

Siener van Rensburg is a South Africa prophet who lived between 3 August 1864 and 11 March 1926. He predicted that a financial crises which was preceded by a great drought and disease in South Africa will lead to a massive protest followed by war. After this war South Africans will take back everything taken by non-South-Africans.

John predicted similar events across the whole earth in Revelations 6 verse 3-8

The Second Seal—War

When He broke the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come.” And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him.

The Third Seal—Famine

When He broke the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a black horse; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not damage the oil and the wine.”

The Fourth Seal—Death

When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.

By now all who follow this blog will know that a period of massive drought is about to come to South Africa due to the solar minimum that we are entering now. A similar period called the little ice age brought Famine, War and the black death to many parts all around the world. Events which sounds very similar to that which was predicted by siener van Rensburg and by John the revelator.

A extended period of drought in South Africa will lead to a financial crash. Due to the weak rand imported food will cost a arm and a leg, adding to it a large disease outbreak, the fact that 1 out of every 6 South African has HIV and you have the perfect ingredients for a total financial crash.

As in Greece after the 2008 financial crash the debtors will tell the government to raise taxes, remove government grants, remove government funded projects and claim anything of value. In South Africa that would be minerals and property.

This is what this current Grand solar minimum can bring to several countries around the world, and millions will be looking for an Saviour. However this is not all during the little ice age there where also an increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, tropical storms, powerful winds and deadly blizzards, but the end result of it all will be a new world order.

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North America is on a timer, and destruction and renew will come.

When the superpower of its time the British Empire founded their colonies in North America they realised that these colonies will one day become a Superpower. Unknown to them at the time is that the North American continent is arguably the most dynamic continent on earth and that rapid periods of destruction and renew occur here on a regular interval.
Historically after a big earthquake in Mexico with in a year there is a large earthquake in Alaska, followed by a large earthquake on the San Andreas Fault which is followed by a large earthquake on the Cascadian Fault line. Depending on where on the Cascadian Fault the earthquake takes place a massive tsunami wave could destroy several coastal structures and some areas may even drop into the ocean.
A large Mexico earthquake and large Alaska earthquake have already occurred so if history should repeat itself as it often do Los Angeles and Cascadia could have the big one before the end of 2018.
This is only one of several changes North America will have in the future, the New Madrid Fault produces a large earthquake every 200years, the last one was 200years ago. A part of the Canary Islands drops into the ocean every now and then, creating a Tsunami that can destroy several coastal building on the US west coast. The volcano on the Canary Islands which are responsible for these brake offs are starting to awake.
Talking about volcanoes, there is Yellowstone, a super volcano that can trigger an ice age if it should blow. This volcano will erupt one day and when it does a third of the USA will be destroyed.
Talking about ice age, one day we will enter a new ice age, unlike the mini ice age we are entering now, a ice age can bury the north eastern states in the USA under one mile of ice.
North America is on a timer, and destruction and renew will come.

Climate Change Central Index

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South Africa Climate Change 2024

During the little ice age the great Zimbabwe kingdom collapsed due to drought, during the Dalton minimum the cape colony invaded the area north of the Orange River in search of gracing due to drought.
In the 1970’s South African scientist warned that South Africa can only produce enough food for 30million people during periods of drought, and said that South African should have smaller families, the ANC during the same period encouraged the black population to have more children in order to remove the Apartheid government by greatly out numbering the white population by having more children.
Today South Africa has 55milion people 25million more then what was calculated that the country can carrier without importing food during periods of drought. Since 2004 South Africa has become a net importer of food and yet South Africa has not endured the drought conditions which occurred during the Dolton and Little ice age.
South Africa has 10yrs which on average are dryer and 10yrs with on average are wetter. During these 10yr cycles there are smaller cycles of drought and rain which are driven by el Niño. Eastern parts of South Africa experience drought during every el Niño cycle weather it is a 10yr drought or rain cycle or not. La Nina brings rains to the eastern halve of South Africa weather it is a drought or wet cycle. The next 10yr drought cycle starts in 2024, and the droughts we had in recent history was due to strong El Niño’s.
During the time frame of 2024 and 2034, South Africa will be placed under massive financial pressure, and if South Africa is not careful we may end up like Greece after 2008 and be financially colonised by our debtors. This could lead to a potential civil war.
Even though this sounds like a vision of Siener Van Rensburg, it can be avoided, by cutting unnecessary government spending, like paying poor people to have babies, downsizing government (less local council members, less parliament members and less provincial parliament members), withdrawing our military from other african countries and so on. More jobs can also be created by cutting working hours from 45 to 36. Yes the pay per person will be lower, but more people will be paid, reducing the amounts of people whom has to steal for food and those whom will depend on government food handouts once 2024 comes rolling in.

Cape Town water crises.

Gauteng has run out of water decades ago due to its large population, water from KZN, Lesotho and recycling plants are the only reason why Gauteng has water today, and water from Zimbabwe will be added within the next few years.
The Western Cape is the only province in South Africa which is not controlled by the ANC, as a result the ANC has openly told there followers to migrate to the Western Cape to outnumber the local population in order to take the province during elections, they have also said to the local population, that they should move away, but the local population is currently ignoring them.
As a result the Western Cape is currently growing at a rate of 1million people per year. Unlike Gauteng Cape town has a semi desert to its north, ocean to the west and south, and the water in the east are pumped over the mountain to supply Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Upington with water.
If this current rate of population growth in the Western Cape continues one can expected a total economic collapse in the Western Cape during this mini ice age, unless a super volcano erupts.

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4 Earth Changes and Climate Change video playlists

New Earth Changes play list

Most popular Earth Changes playlist

Mini Ice Age playlist

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Climate Change in the Bible

New Earth Changes play list, Most popular Earth Changes playlist, Mini Ice Age playlist, Most popular Mini Ice Age playlist, Climate Change in the Bible

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Out look for 2018 and 2019

Out look for 2018 and 2019
This forecast may be updated as new information became available.


Earthquakes Tsunami and Yellowstone Super volcano

A magnitude 5.8 to 7.5 is expected to hit Alaska, Northern California and Southern California between now and December 2018.
A magnitude 5.8 to mag 8.5 is expected to hit between Oregon and Alaska between now and December 2018.
Two Tsunamis could be generated by the above mentioned earthquakes, depending on the magnitude and location, these tsunamis can ranch between halve a foot and 100ft.
Yellowstone Super volcano can erupt at any moment, but we are not expecting a eruption in 2018, but a very large earthquake swarm and up dwelling, but no eruption, if the information available should change an updated will be issued.
Due to the effects of fracking, is not clearly understood at this moment how this pressure release effects the new Madrid fault line thus no forecast will be issued for the new Madrid fault line, however this fault line can produce up to a mag 7.8 and is currently on the normal cycle.


For the winter of 2017-2018 sever winter storms are expected in northern and north eastern USA.
Drought conditions is expected in California during the beginning of 2018 and flooding during 2019.
For the winter of 2018-2019 sever winter storms are expected across the USA.

Hurricane season

Hurricane season on the east coast is expected to start strong but due to wind shear is expected to fade out as the season continues.
Hurricane season on the west coast is expected to start off weak but is expected to intensify mostly east wards directed, as the season continues.

European weather 2017-2018

A high pressure system is expected to strengthen over the Atlantic ocean during this winter period.
Its effects will increase as the season continues and the following is expected:
Dry mild to hot conditions in Portugal and Spain, mostly concentrated to the west.
Wet and unsettled in Ireland and Wales.
Mixed in England and France.
Strong winds, and large snowfall totals are expected in all the countries east of France and in Scotland.
Europe is expected to have an early winter in 2018 due to a weak late season hurricane forecast.

Expected drought areas for 2018


Expected drought areas for ending 2018 and 2019

Eastern South Africa
South East Asia
Northern India
Northern Australia

Expected flood areas for 2018

Eastern and South western South Africa
South east Asia
Northern Australia

Expected flood areas for ending 2018 and 2019

North eastern Argentina
South eastern Washington
North eastern Oregon
Central Idaho
Western Montana

Out look for 2018 and 2019

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The modern maunder minimum explained

The modern maunder minimum explained

The north-south cooling cycle

Atlantic multidecadal oscillation
Atlantic multidecadal oscillation

The Atlantic multidecadal oscillation has a profound effect on the weather conditions in the northern hemisphere. On the graph you can see the warm period which had been edited from most modern graphs, the cold period of the 70’s and 80’s when scientists warned we are entering an ice age and the latest warm period where manmade global warming activists say we are killing the planet with CO2.

During the last decade excluding 2016 the Antarctic recorded record sea ice levels year upon year, and the artic reached the lowest sea ice extent ever recorded in 2012. That however is changing the artic is rebounding and Antarctic failed to record a new record level in 2016.

The Atlantic multidecadal oscillation is turning back to a cold phase, in others words not only does the northern hemisphere have to concern itself with low solar activity in 2019, but also a cold Atlantic multidecadal oscillation pattern from 2018 onward. In short very cold winters are coming to North America, Europe and Asia from 2018 onwards, not just because of a very weak solar cycle but also a cold drive from the Atlantic Ocean.

Why 2023 will be the worst climate year in a century

future cast
future cast

The chart above is a projection made in 2015 based on solar forcing, and oceanic forcing.
The redline is the expected change in temperature. The projection did not fore see much change in the average world temperature during 2016/2017, but a downward trend from 2017/2018 to 2019/2020 after which a strong El Nino is expected which will send temperatures back up, up to 2021/2022. From that point onwards the cooling continues to 2030 at which point the projection ends.

Due to a very weak solar uptick in 2022, and the passing El Nino a large amount of energy would have been added into the earths’ climate system, this can in theory lead to winter and summer storms unlike we have seen in over a 100 years, crop losses, property losses, and deaths due to climate will peak during this time world-wide. In theory, this can lead to a world-wide economic collapse and possibly even war, as a search for new wealth, and resources commence.

Strong winds

Basic Spring Autumn Air Circulation
Basic Spring Autumn Air Circulation

Wind speed is determent by the pressure difference between a low pressure system and a high pressure system the greater the difference the stronger the wind. High pressure systems are cause by cold air descending and low pressure systems by warm air rising.

During a solar minimum the air is colder and forms a strong high pressure system, this cause a vacuum in the upper atmosphere which sucks air in from a low pressure system, creating and even more intense low pressure system. On the surface this creates a high pressure difference between the high and low pressure systems which results in stronger then ‘so called’ normal wind speeds. During the little ice age these strong winds sunk ships, eroded coast lines and caused coastal flooding.

Heat domes


The most miss understood, deadliest, and most imported factor during periods of cooling is heat domes. Without heat domes, giant glaziers, more than a mile thick, cannot be build.
Heat domes trap heat, at the earths’ surface which in turn creates water vapour which in turn will eventually end up in a glazier.
Heat domes are created by high pressure systems, which are ironically created by cold air. During periods of extended low solar activity, the high pressure systems grows more intense, allowing for the formation of more intense and very deadly heat domes.
The reason why heat domes becomes so hot is because, there are no cloud formation with in a high pressure cell. Clouds reflex sun light, allowing for cooling, but since a heat domes has no clouds the temperature just keeps on building for as long as the high pressure system stays in tacked and is not moved by the Jet stream or sucked away by a low pressure system.

Super Storms

A super storm is created when an arctic storm is sucked into the low pressure of a hurricane or tropical depression.
This is very rare since they normally do not occur within the same season, but in a cooling world, early winter storms in November and late tropical storms in May will occur more often, thus increasing the odds that super storms like Sandy can be born more often.

Super storms, are known for their enormous physically size, intense rain in the south western corner, snow in the northern western corner, and powerful winds, and in some cases tornadoes. These storms are massive, and can be stretch out over thousands of miles.

Earthquake increase the weight aspect

Increase of Earthquakes and volcanoes due to climate change
Increase of Earthquakes and volcanoes due to climate change

Extended low solar activity increases glazier grow, raises ground water levels in some places and decrease it in others, the earths tectonic plate system adjusts for these new weight placements, this leads to earthquakes in diverse places. In a few cases this can trigger tsunamis, infrastructure damage, and loss of income and in some case death.

Volcanic increase the weight aspect

Extended low solar activity increases glazier grow, raises ground water levels in some places and decrease it in others, the magma underneath the earths tectonic plate system adjusts for these new weight placements, by releasing pressure in the form of volcanic activity, historical accounts from the little ice age confirms this. Large volcanic eruptions can lead to property damage, air traffic disruptions, death, food shortage and extreme regional cooling; Super volcanoes can trigger extreme planetary cooling.

The modern maunder minimum explained

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