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General Health tips
Do not give supplements to babies with out consulting a doctor!!!
Minimal Exercise
: You must walk at least 4.1 km or 2.5 miles 6 days a week.
Minimal Mineral intake: (all minerals can be come poisonous if you over dose) Selenium 200 micrograms daily, Zinc 20 mg of zinc a day for 12 yrs and older 2 mg per day under 12 yrs, Magnesium 200 mg daily, Calcium 700 mg under 12 yrs per day 1300 mg per day under 50 yrs 1500 mg per day over 50 yrs, Iron 7 mg per day, Iodine 90 μg per day under 12 yrs 150 mcg 12 yrs and older per day
Minimal Vitamin intake: Vitamin K under 12 yrs 2 mcg per day 12 yrs and older 120 mcg, Vitamin D3 1,400 IU per week (every 7 days) Maximum D3 an Adult can take per day is 14000 IU, Vitamin A under 12 yrs 500 mcg 12 yrs and older 700 mcg (contained in all orange vegetables), Vitamin B12 under 12 yrs 1 mcg daily 12 yrs and older 2.5 mcg, Vitamin C under 12 yrs 400 mg per day 12 yrs and older 65 mg per day. Smoking adults 1000 mg buffered vitamin c (helps to combat the poison found in cigarettes). Maximum buffered vitamin c that can be take in a day is 2000 mg.
Minimal Water intake: 2 lt or 0.53 US Gallons Daily

Health related videos 2019

2019 Health related videos and General Health tips

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