The book of Enoch Chapter 11 Trust God #FSBT

Genesis 5-24 Enoch Walked With God And Was Not For God Took Him

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The book of Enoch
Faith Saturday Bible Translation #FSBT

Book of Enoch Chapter 11

The book of Enoch Chapter 11 Trust God

1 In the beginning God who always was and always will be created spiritual beings and wrote the laws by which all of creation which is to come will be governed by.
2 Before God who knows all things created our world, He created another world and wrote the names of the saints whom will one day in a distant time live on this earth in a book, but because He is a fair God He will allow those whom are not written in this book, to add their names if they turn to Him and if it is not blotted out, because they turned away from Him, they too will receive everlasting life, on this new earth.
2 Then God created the earth and allowed it to become void and without form because He had a greater purpose for this world.
3 On the first day God created light
4 On the second day God created the first heaven and a dome to divide one halve of the water in the first heaven from the other halve of the water in the second heaven, so that flesh can use the one halve as breath and to protect it from the other halve which flesh cannot use as breath.
5 On the third day God created dry land and created plants to grow upon it.
6 On the fourth day God created the Sun, Moon and the stars.
7 On the fifth day God created the life in the oceans and life in the first heaven.
8 On the sixth day God created land dwelling creatures and man in His image.
9 God saw that it was all good and on the seventh day God blessed His day and rested.
10 But man did not know God.
11 From the dust God created Adam.
11 Then God planted a garden eastward in Eden and in the mist of it He planted the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
12 God placed Adam in the garden and told Him that he may eat from all the seeds, herbs and fruit in the garden except form the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, knowing full well that Adam will be deceived and eat from the tree, but God is fair and even though He knew what would happen the choice was left to Adam to make.
13 Then God made the beast that lived in the Garden of Eden and brought them to Adam to name.
14 Then God made from Adam a wife. Who was deceived by the serpent to break Gods first commandment to man whom in turn deceived Adam. Now man will learn of God from the decedents of Adam, because sin separated Adam from God.
15 God knew this will happen as He knows all things, just as He knew that the watchers will corrupt this earth and why a new earth was created before this one, because this earth will be passing away at an appointed time, and why evil is allowed to exist for now, because God is fair and it’s up to you if you will chose Him who has made you or evil, and that’s why the names are written in the book, because God already knows whom will chose Him, not one of us will be forced.

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The book of Enoch Chapter 11 Trust God #FSBT

Prayer of Blessings

Lord be with my family and friends
Guide them in the spirit according to your will
Give them peace, healing and insight of you.
Make known to them your love for them.

Give them the spirit of insight,
so that they may know,
what is of you and what is not,

Lord protect and bless
my family and friends,
turn their hearts to you
so that they will be with you
and seek your conceal.

Lord be with those
whom you have called
as watchmen or as prophets
so that they may see
and warn against
which is true for the age.

Lord be with those
whom has less them me,
those whom struggle in the spirit
and in the physical,
bless them and guide them
give them hope and strengh
so that they may know that you are
with them.

Lord work in the hearts of those
whom has plenty,
so that they may help those whom has
Lord let those whom have
seek you and your will,
so that their hearts can be turned,
to the poor and those whom struggle.

Lord I ask that you will expose
all that is hidden and discused in back door deals,
so that we will know,
who are for us and who are against us.

Lord make your will known to men,
and let them see
that your will is greater then any will of man.

Let your kindness rain upon this world, my father
in heaven, so that ever soul will turn away from evil and
see your heavenly love.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ
whom has spilt his blood for me.

Thank you Father


Prayer of Blessings
The book of Enoch Chapter 11 Trust God #FSBT

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