Book of Enoch Chapter 113 Witchcraft Sorcery and spirits #FSBT

Genesis 5-24 Enoch Walked With God And Was Not For God Took Him

Book of Enoch Chapter 113 Witchcraft Sorcery and spirits #FSBT

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The book of Enoch
Faith Saturday Bible Translation #FSBT

Book of Enoch Chapter 113

Book of Enoch Chapter 113 Witchcraft Sorcery and spirits

  1. The Almighty will set His face against anyone who turns to mediums and spiritualists who prostitute themselves to them by following them, and The Almighty will cut them off from His people. Repent and turn away from them, so that you may rejoin His people.
  2. Do not sacrifice your sons or daughters, born or unborn, as their blood is not desired by The Almighty but by fallen spirits.
  3. Do not try to learn what will happen in the future by talking to a fortuneteller or by going to a magician, a witch, or a sorcerer.
  4. Do not assist or encourage or ask anyone to attempt to place magic spells on other people, weather they are brothers or sisters or the seed of the fallen.
  5. Do not let any of your brothers or sisters become a medium or a wizard. And no one should attempt to talk with someone who has died.
  6. Do not turn to psychics or mediums to get help. As you should trust in the guidance of the Lord Almighty allow, for He is a jealous God and does not share His own with others, and He is a righteous Father Who desire only the best for His children, as for prideful spirits, they only seek damnation and deception.
  7. Repent and turn away from these things, so that it may not deceive you, and lead you away from the light into darkness.
  8. Do not seek out spirits or invite them into your home or practicing summoning, weather for entertainment or by dedication, as this is how evil can enter your life in order to deceive, tempt, plague, haunt or take your sanity.
  9. Do not believe every spirit which comes to you with out call, but test the spirit to see if The Almighty has send them, for the fallen does not always show it self as fallen, but cloaked in goodness and truth, in order to deceive, steal and destroy.
  10. Even those whom are fallen can present themselves as spirits of light, in flesh or spirit in order to deceive. Presenting that which is forbidden as good, right and brotherly love, so that you and your seed will accept that which is forbidden as good, right and brotherly love and not see it for what it is forbidden and a way that leads to death.
  11. Power comes from spirits, but unmatched, unfathomable and unlimited power only comes from the spirit of The Almighty.
  12. Power comes from undoubted pure believe, but unending continuous life with out limit nor end only comes from undoubted pure believe in the free Gift and sacrifice of The Almighty, Whom has taken His time to create all things, that which is of spirit, flesh and that which is not. It is from The Almighty that all life came, though out all of creation, including the spirit which is you.

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Book of Enoch Chapter 113 Witchcraft Sorcery and spirits #FSBT

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