Out look for 2018 and 2019

Out look for 2018 and 2019
This forecast may be updated as new information became available.


Earthquakes Tsunami and Yellowstone Super volcano

A magnitude 5.8 to 7.5 is expected to hit Alaska, Northern California and Southern California between now and December 2018.
A magnitude 5.8 to mag 8.5 is expected to hit between Oregon and Alaska between now and December 2018.
Two Tsunamis could be generated by the above mentioned earthquakes, depending on the magnitude and location, these tsunamis can ranch between halve a foot and 100ft.
Yellowstone Super volcano can erupt at any moment, but we are not expecting a eruption in 2018, but a very large earthquake swarm and up dwelling, but no eruption, if the information available should change an updated will be issued.
Due to the effects of fracking, is not clearly understood at this moment how this pressure release effects the new Madrid fault line thus no forecast will be issued for the new Madrid fault line, however this fault line can produce up to a mag 7.8 and is currently on the normal cycle.


For the winter of 2017-2018 sever winter storms are expected in northern and north eastern USA.
Drought conditions is expected in California during the beginning of 2018 and flooding during 2019.
For the winter of 2018-2019 sever winter storms are expected across the USA.

Hurricane season

Hurricane season on the east coast is expected to start strong but due to wind shear is expected to fade out as the season continues.
Hurricane season on the west coast is expected to start off weak but is expected to intensify mostly east wards directed, as the season continues.

European weather 2017-2018

A high pressure system is expected to strengthen over the Atlantic ocean during this winter period.
Its effects will increase as the season continues and the following is expected:
Dry mild to hot conditions in Portugal and Spain, mostly concentrated to the west.
Wet and unsettled in Ireland and Wales.
Mixed in England and France.
Strong winds, and large snowfall totals are expected in all the countries east of France and in Scotland.
Europe is expected to have an early winter in 2018 due to a weak late season hurricane forecast.

Expected drought areas for 2018


Expected drought areas for ending 2018 and 2019

Eastern South Africa
South East Asia
Northern India
Northern Australia

Expected flood areas for 2018

Eastern and South western South Africa
South east Asia
Northern Australia

Expected flood areas for ending 2018 and 2019

North eastern Argentina
South eastern Washington
North eastern Oregon
Central Idaho
Western Montana

Out look for 2018 and 2019

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